Graphic Scores

Dec 28, 2023

Eater's "Live at Paula Cooper Gallery"

Eaters' Live at Paula Cooper Gallery

For our Graphic Notation workshop, we asked participants to create scores for Eaters' "Live at Paula Cooper Gallery."

Submissions included visual representations capturing elements such as time, beat, timbre, intensity, pitch, space, density, and more.

Here's what our community came up with:

Ximena Bedoya
Aaron Taylor-Waldman
Caroline Partamian
Laura Delledonne
Richard Zimmerman (Part 1)
Richard Zimmerman (Part 2)
Laura Horne

Additional Scores

Aaron Taylor-Waldman

Horizontal timeline flow, left to right
- Magenta Gestures: Guitars and midrange dominance
- Bright Green: Signifies vocals
- Dark Green: Represents rhythmic elements
Ximena Bedoya

Much gratitude to Caroline Partamian for leading this special workshop.

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