Long Course

Studio Improvisation

Feb 5–Mar 4, 2024

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Event Details

Capacity: 15

Fee: Sliding scale $125 - $175

Location: Virtual



Through the application of live improvisational and experimental composition techniques in the studio, participating students will be guided through the process of conceptualizing, composing, performing, recording, and mixing a complete album or collection of experimental improvised compositions from start to finish.

Open to all sonic artists of all styles and levels of expertise, this course is meant to bridge gaps between various aesthetics and genre stylings through structured improvisatory performance and recording techniques heard across the board.

Participants should be comfortable navigating and doing basic recording in the DAW of their choice.


Week 1: Introduction and Historical Overview

• Introductions and get-to-know-yous.

• Brief history of 20th and 21st-century music technology and experimental audio culture.

Week 2: Architectural Design in Music

• Becoming the architect: designing your "scaffolding" for structured improvisation.

• Exploration of graphic, text, and alternative notations.

• Deciding on instrumentation and basic orchestration.

Week 3: Solo Improvisation and Live Effects

• Improvising in overdubs as the solo artist following the scaffolding of your own design.

• Usage of live effects and monitor mixing.

Week 4: Mixing Techniques

• Utilitarian Mixing: Understanding channel strip mixing vs. auxiliary mixing.

Week 5: Creative Mixing and Final Arrangement

• Creative Mixing: "Recomposition" through post-production.

• Final arrangement of recorded format.

Hardware & Software Requirements

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW):

• Any DAW is acceptable.

• Recommended: Logic, Ableton, Protools, and Reaper (for MIDI implementation and live FX processing).

Live Performance Mechanism:

• Hardware instruments or MIDI controller and software instrument or a combination of both.

• No restrictions on brand or type.

Audio Interface and Microphone:

• Recommended Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or any stereo interface.

• Recommended Microphone: Shure SM57 or SM58, or any dynamic microphone.

MIDI Controller:

• Recommended: Akai MPK series or any basic MIDI keyboard/pad controller.

Please email us at hi@soundial.org with any questions about equipment.

Instructor Bio

Max Alper aka @la_meme_young is a music technology and sound studies educator, composer, and writer. He has taught music technology and audio production at various learning institutions in New York, Boston, and Puerto Rico. He performs and produces electroacoustic and improvised music and sound art under the alias Peretsky. He is the co-founder of "gonzo sound studies" journal Klang Magazine. He currently teaches at the Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College, the New York Film Academy, and through his private lessons studio in New York and online.

Cancellation Policy

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If you're unable to attend but have a friend who'd love to take your spot, you can transfer your reservation to them before the class begins.

To request a cancellation, please send an email to hi(at)soundial.org with the subject line "Cancellation Request." In the email, include the following info:

• Your full name

• Date and time of the scheduled event

For eligible cancellation requests, we will initiate a refund to the original payment method used during registration. Please allow a processing time of 5-10 days for the refund to be processed.

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