Long Course

Modular Synthesis

Sound Art & Intution

Mar 4–Apr 8, 2024

Flyer design by Georgia Coleman

Event Details

Capacity: 15

Fee: $200

Location: Virtual



This course provides an overview of modular synthesis and how to draw on your intuition during the creative process.

Los Angeles-based producer and composer Collins Oboh will cover the fundamental components of the modular synthesizer using the free, open-source software VCV Rack.

Through hands-on application and theoretical insights, participants will learn how to synthesize original sounds, textures, and rhythms for their compositions.

We will examine the historical context and pioneers of electronic music and music concrete such as Wendy Carlos, Daphne Oram, Raymond Scott, and Pierre Schaeffer.

At the end of the course participants will have an opportunity to present their work.

Open to all levels. This course will take place virtually via Zoom. All sessions will be recorded and made available to participants.

**Please note that only our first session on March 4th will meet at 8:30pm ET


Week 1: Introduction

• Overview of modular synthesis

• Historical perspective

• Distinction from standard synthesizers

• Voltage control principles

• Signal path fundamentals

• Intuitive creation

• Deep dive into VCV Rack

Week 2: Audio Sources

• Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (VCOs)

• Sampling techniques

• Audio modification tools

• Voltage-Controlled Filters (VCFs)

• Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers (VCAs)

• Low Pass Gates (LPG)

• Sound recreation exercise

Week 3: Audio Modifiers

• Mixers in modular synthesis

• Effects modules

• Control Voltage (CV) sources and modifiers

• Envelope generators

• Low-Frequency Oscillators (LFOs)

• Sound recreation exercise

Week 4: CV Sources & Modifiers

• Attenuators and attenuverters

• Multiples

• Quantizers

• Matrix mixer

• Sound recreation exercise

Week 5: Notes and Triggers

• Clock pulses and rhythm generators

• Controllers

• Sequencers

• Sound recreation exercise

Week 6: Final Presentations

Hardware & Software Requirements

• Computer with Zoom software installed

VCV Rack software

Instructor Bio

Colloboh (a portmanteau of Collins Oboh) is a Nigerian-born, Los Angeles-based experimental producer and composer who has spent the past several years cultivating genre-spanning modular wizardry. A self-taught synthesist, Colloboh’s DIY recording diaries (still archived on Instagram) quickly amassed a dedicated online following, eventually catching the eye of Leaving Records founder, MatthewDavid, who wasted no time tapping the then-twenty-six-year-old to perform at the monthly Leaving showcase, Listen to Music Outside In The Daylight Under a Tree. In 2021, Colloboh permanently relocated to Los Angeles from Baltimore, dedicating himself to music full-time, and quickly becoming a fixture of the city’s vibrant experimental scene. Whereas Colloboh’s debut EP Entity Relation (released that same year) dove headlong into club beats, Saana Sahel, out May 5th 2023 on Leaving Records, showcases the breadth of the fledgeling composer’s ambitions.

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