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The Language of Electronic Music

Oct 3–Oct 24, 2023

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Capacity: 15

Fee: Sliding scale $100 - $175

Location: Virtual

Note: This event has passed


In this month-long course, we will examine the historical and technical aspects of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) technology in electronic music and practice hands-on production techniques in Ableton Live.

Producer, audio engineer, and creative technologist Ana Roman will provide an in-depth exploration of MIDI's origins, with a focus on the collaborative efforts of its founding figures, Ikutaro Kakehashi and Dave Smith, in establishing the MIDI standard.

Together we will learn about the evolution of MIDI as an integral component of music technology and the pioneering contributions of women, including Wendy Carlos and Laurie Spiegel, in its development and influence on music production.

Ana will demonstrate how to map MIDI controllers, creatively use virtual instruments, and experiment with techniques such as editing, quantization, and velocity adjustments.

By the end of the course, participants will present their MIDI compositions and open dialogue on the intersection of gender, technology, and music.

Music created using Music Mouse by Laurie Spiegel. In 1985, Laurie Spiegel created Music Mouse, a program that takes 'mouse movements' inside a grid on the screen and transforms them into 4 moving voices that can be assigned different midi channels and sounds using a QWERTY keyboard.


• Week 1: Introduction to MIDI and Its Origins

• Week 2: Technical Overview in Ableton Live

• Week 3: Women Pioneers in MIDI History

• Week 4: Final Presentations and Showcasing Women's Impact

Hardware & Software Requirements

• Computer with Zoom software installed

Ableton Live

• MIDI Controller (Recommended: Launchkey Mini [MK3], Akai APC Key 25 [mk2], Novation Launch Control XL, Arturia KeyStep)

• Controller Driver installed

Please email us at hi@soundial.org with any questions about equipment

Instructor Bio

Ana Roman is a producer, audio engineer, generative, and creative technologist. They specialize in sound design, MIDI/synth sequencing, and generative music. Their workshops have appeared in She Knows Tech (U.K.), Femnoise (Barcelona), Water and Music, Discwoman, and In Sessions NYC. Roman’s music, creative coding, and generative music projects have appeared in fashion films, galleries and festivals throughout the world.

Ana's Instagram, Sets / Mixes / Live Performance

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