Long Course

Experiments in Vocal Composition and Production

Jan 2–Jan 30, 2024

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Capacity: 15

Fee: Sliding scale $125 - $175

Location: Virtual

Note: This event has passed


Led by teaching artist, pop musician, and audio engineer Josephine Shetty, this 5-week course explores the fundamentals of vocal recording and mixing, as well as voice-based composition and production. 

Josephine will cover vocal recording basics, such as mic placement, setting input levels, and tracking in a DAW; mixing fundamentals, such equalization (EQ), compression, reverb, and panning; and compositional approaches, such as live looping and layering, audio reversal, chopping, and sampling. Additionally, participants will experiment with EQ filters, pitch shifting, and automation to shape and texture their sounds. 

Weekly assignments will culminate in a final presentation, where participants will have the opportunity to share their compositions on Soundial's platforms.

This course is suitable for those with basic knowledge of Ableton Live.


Week 1: Getting the Take - Recording Essentials

• Introduction to recording equipment (interfaces, microphones, cables, and DAWs)

• Mic placement techniques, setting input levels, and recording in Ableton Live

• Comping takes

Week 2: Basic Vocal Mixing

• Understanding the audio spectrum and EQ

• Managing different parts of the voice within the frequency range

• Hands-on EQ techniques, including cutting at lower frequencies, boosting consonants, and reducing muddiness

• Managing sibilance and plosives, compression principles

Week 3: Production as Composition - Creating Layers

• Live looping to create vocal layers

• Reversing audio for new melodic ideas

• Spatializing with reverb/delay and panning

• Chopping and sampling your own vocals

Week 4: Production as Composition - Shaping and Texturizing

• Advanced vocal processing techniques, including EQ filters, time-stretching for textural effects, pitch shifting and autotune, sidechaining, and automation

Week 5: Presentation and Celebration

• Participants share and celebrate their work; critical feedback session

Hardware & Software Requirements

• Computer with Zoom and Ableton Live software

• Interface

• Microphone and microphone cable (XLR)

Recommended microphones:

Shure SM58

Audio-Technica AT2035

sE Electronics X1 S

Rode NT1

Shure SM7B

Please email us at hi@soundial.org with any questions about equipment

Instructor Bio

Josephine Shetty is a pop artist commonly known by her solo moniker Kohinoorgasm and as the lead singer of electro pop duo Pride Month Barbie. Her affinity for musical work manifests in the many angles from which she approaches it. She teaches music production and critique at California Institute of the Arts, is a live audio engineer for Feels Like Floating, and DJs monthly on Dublab radio. Josephine was born and raised in Los Angeles, and she enjoys absurdity, maximalism, bric-a-brac, and popular science books.

Photo credit: Ry Essi

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